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June 06 2017


Liburan Hemat Korea

Halo pembaca MabokTravel, kali ini kami akan berbagi itinerary sebagai contoh untuk temen-temen MT yang berencana pergi ke Korea. Berikut ini Itinerary Lengkap Liburan Murah Ke Korea 7 Hari 6 Malam:

Itinerary Lengkap ke Korea 7 Hari 6 Malam

Day 1

7.30 am – Arrival at Incheon International Airport, Korea

10.00 am – Head to Hongik University station (LINE AREX)

Window shopping at Hongdae Street
Lunch at Hello Kitty Cafe
2.00 pm – Head for guesthouse in Seoul

Walk in about 15 minutes to guesthouse
Check in guesthouse
Drop the bag at Hostel and take a rest
4.00 pm – Head to Namsam Tower (Namsan Cable Car, Pad Lock and Teddy Bear Museum)

8.00 pm – Going back to Hostel.


Day 2

9.00 am – Head to Petite France

It’s about 1 hour and 15 minute’s journey by subway.
Then need to take a bus it’s about 20 minutes from subway station
2.00 pm – Head to Nami Island

It’s about 20 minute’s journey by bus to Ferry Jetty (use the same ticket- “all round ticket”).
7.00 pm – Going back to Hostel.


Itinerary Lengkap ke Korea 7 Hari 6 Malam

Day 3

9.00 am – Head to English Village

It’s about 1 hour and 40 minute’s journey by subway.
Then, need to take cab it’s about 10 minutes from subway station.
Lunch meal box
2.00 pm – Head to Yeouido Park

3.00 pm – Head to Hangang River & Hangang Park

4.00 pm – Head to 63 Building

7.00 pm – Going back again to Han river and layan sunset then night scenery

9.00 pm – Going back to Hostel.


Day 4
9.00 am – Head to Sandong Station

10.30 am – Breakfast Ddeokbokki at “I Love Sindangdong Restaurant”

12.00 pm – Head to KPOP buildings area

JYP Entertainment, CUBE Entertainment, SM Entertainment and FNC Entertainment.
4.00 pm – Head to Lotte World

It’s about 1 hour 22 minutes journey by subway.
Bought Squid Burger at Lotteria as supper before enter Lotte World
9.00 pm – Going back to Hostel.


Day 5

9.00 am – Head to Doksugung Palace

Gyeongbukgung Palace
Korea Blue House
Tugu Sejong
Cheongyang Stream
3.00 pm – Korean Tourism Organization (KTO).

5.00 pm – Head to Hanneul Park and World Cup Stadium Station

9.00 pm – Going back to Hostel.


Day 6

9.00 am – Head to Myeondong Street

10.30 am – Head to KTO branches in Myeondong at M Plaza (5th floor).

Book for free Hanbok photo session wearing (hanbok- korean traditional clothing)
2.00 pm – Head to Namdaemun Street

3.30 pm – Head to hostel and drop the shopping bag.

6.30 pm – Head to Itaewon Street

8.00 pm – Seoul City Night Tour by bus.

9.00 pm – Going back to Hostel.


Day 7

8.00 am – Packing luggage. Check out and left the luggage at Hostel

9.00 am  – Head to Insadong Street and Buckhon Haneok Village

12.00 pm  – Then, went to Itaewon Street

3.00 pm – Head to Namdaemun Market

6.00 pm – Going back to hostel amik luggage and then ahead to  Incheon International Airport, Korea

Itulah Itinerary Lengkap Liburan Murah Ke Korea 7 Hari 6 Malam yang MT bagikan untuk temen-temen. Semoga membantu.

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